website maintenance mandurah

Website Maintenance Mandurah

A website is as only as good as its speed.  Speed means more visitors and sales.

Have you noticed that your business website looks a bit off lately? Maybe your menu isn’t showing correctly, or your catalogue looks a bit off. Websites are a piece of software, and they are not infallible. Any update or change can break a feature and become the source of unwanted distress. Although the damage is reversible, it takes a skilled person to get your website back to glory.

Like all other pieces of software, a website needs constant maintenance. Perhaps you’ve also noticed that your website takes a full 5 seconds to load. Every extra second of your webpage’s loading time costs you many customers daily. For the layman, all of these aspects can sound minor and inconsequential, but they all contribute together towards your website’s performance and perception.

I have been working as a website designer and developer for years, and I have seen all kinds of bugs and glitches. I can confidently say that the problems you experience can be taken away by my skills and experience. Also, if your website looks old and outdated, I can give it a new trendy look. If you want to avail my services, feel free to contact me. You can discuss the exact problems you are facing or the ideas that you have in your mind about your website.

A website is like a car - to run smoothly it requires regular maintenance.  This includes the updating of plugins, compression of files, the compression of images as well as many server side factors.

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